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Manni and Rueben

UK Paperback & USA/CANADA Edition

Dear One & All,

It was just over a year ago when Little Toller Books first published the hardback of “brother. do. you. love. me.” So much has happened in that year and we are so grateful for all the support that the book has garnered.

Earlier in the year, in a very open and honest conversations with Little Toller, we all decided that to help the book gain a wider audience and readership, it might be best to sell the rights for the paperback to a different publishing house. Enter Canongate!

canongate logoCanongate is an award-winning independent publisher based in Edinburgh and London.

Under the expert eye of editor Simon Thorogood, a dynamic publicity and PR team are now busy preparing the publication for Thursday 4th April. There will be an official launch in London on the 14th April – so keep that date in your diaries. We won’t be going on a multi-week road tour like last year but we are hoping to organize a few key events in April. So keep your eyes peeled.

Further afield, the publication of the USA/CANADA Hardback edition is confirmed for Tuesday 7th May. Reubs and I will be heading Stateside towards the end of May/Early June. The wonderful team at Greystone Books are busy planning a grassroots campaign with some very exciting ideas in the mix. They will be responding to “interest media enquiries” so if you have any – send them our way! First confirmed date is the Nantucket Book Festival 13th – 16th June and we couldn’t be more thrilled or excited.

greystone logoGreystone Books is a leading independent publisher of books about nature, science, health, and social issues, with a commitment to environmental stewardship.

In other news,

Brother Nathan Coe, renowned photographer, came to Dorset, home of the book, to shoot a series of portraits and images entitled UNCONDITIONAL BROTHERLY LOVE. It was a dreamy day of perfect British weather with sunshine, fluffy clouds and we even got a rainbow. The results are astonishing. It was a dream to be behind Nathan’s lens and the whole experience was very bonding for us as brothers. These images will be used in the two new campaigns. To give you a little taster, here are a couple of the images for you to enjoy. Thank you Nathan, We love you

Reubs is doing well. We recently celebrated his 40th Birthday with a lovely dinner with family and friends in Dorset. Reubs gave a speech and brought the house down. He is very excited about this next chapter and can’t wait for his next BOOK EVENT.

I am writing this to you from our olive farm in Spain. The harvest is upon us so in the coming weeks we will have this year’s Organic EVOO; always my favourite time of the year.

Manni writing

I am back in writing mode as I work on my second book. It covers the time before “brother. do. you. love. me.” and finishes where “brother” starts; so I suppose it’s a prequel. It has been both a joy and a suffering to write as it deals with dreams and visions and everything that can go wrong in the interim. I have had to go back to my childhood to write myself out of a hole caused by trauma and loss. An intriguing tale – all set in an historical olive farm in Southern Spain. Every word is true – it’s a memoir. I still have a while to go until it is polished and prepped for publication but it’s well on its way. More news later.

Stay safe and look after each other.

Much love from Manni and Reubs xx

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