About Manni

About Manni

Manni is the second of four brothers.
He grew up in Yorkshire and Berkshire.
He studied Latin American History & Culture at Edinburgh University which took him on adventures to South America before he finally settled in Spain.
He now lives between Dorset and a tiny village in Andalusia called Archidona.
He works as a private guide in Spain and around the world
brother. do. you. love. me. is his first book

Andalusia was the closest thing to South America I could find in Europe.

‘Andalusia was the closest thing to South America that I could find in Europe.’

Enamoured by the allure of Seville, Manni began writing in the gardens of the Royal Palaces in his freetime from guiding and teaching English. Writing became a source of connection and understanding.

A lockdown in rural Andalucia finally gave Manni the time and silence to be able to get serious about his writing.

‘I had no more excuses. I had paper, I had pens and I had time.’

In the quiet months of the pandemic Manni began writing his first book which is still to be published.
It had to take a back seat when Manni received a text message from his brother Reuben. They didn’t know it then, but the brothers were about to embark on an emotional journey that would change the shape of them, and their brotherhood, forever.
“brother. do. you. love. me.” was born

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